Our Milk

You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…and you can’t make great cheese with poor quality milk.

At FT, we never use frozen milk or curd in our cheese making.  We also expect French raw milk microbial quality standards for our milk which is much more stringent that current industrial standards for fresh milk for cheese making.  This ensures the cheese does not develop off flavours or spoilage characteristics during our aging period. We pick up our milk biweekly from the Ontario Water Buffalo Farm in Stirling, Ontario and the Leroux Family Farm north of Kingston, Ontario. We also receive out cow’s milk from a single dairy in the County Quinte Crest Farm.

Other things to know about our milk:

  1. It is hormone and antibiotic free.
  2. We pick up our goat and buffalo milk ourselves. We do not work through a 3rd party.
  3. We exhaustively test our milk inhouse on a number of levels to achieve high quality.
LFP Cave Aged Savour Ontario Prince Eduard County Platinum Leed Certified