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August 2011


Fifth Town took 5 out of 21 awards given to Ontario dairies at this weekend’s American Cheese Society 2011 Annual Cheese Competition held in Montréal! Over 1600 entries! Winning cheeses include Premium Goat Milk Cheddar (old and mild), Rose Haus, Fellowship, and Cape Vessey!  For details read on!

The awards are as follows:

1. Fellowship – 2nd - International style, open sheep and mixed milk
2. 1yr old Premium Goat Cheddar – 2nd – aged cheddar between 12 & 24 months, all milks
3. Premium Goat Cheddar – 3rd – cheddar from goat milk, aged less than 12 months
4. Rose Haus – 3rd – washed rind open category made from cow milk
5. Cape Vessey – 3rd – washed rind open category made from goat milk

Note we have VERY LIMITED SUPPLY OF FELLOWSHIP and will sell through FT Store and Local County stores only.

For full details on competition and awards visit

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