Packaging Specs

At Fifth Town we are very concerned with the impact of plastics and excess packaging on our environment.  And we put a great amount of effort into packaging research. 

The conclusion of all our research was that there is still much to be done to create food grade/safe packaging.  However, the good news is that real cheese does not require a lot of packaging. Professional cheese wrap will do nicely and is better for maintaing the condition of our cheese in the short term.  However for longer term storage we do use plastic, air tight, or Krayovac. It has allowed us to minimize the waste of repacking and trimming cheese that may not be sold in the short term.  We have also found that it helps to ripen certain cheeses in an airtight environment. However we counsel consumers to open the cheese the night before and take the cheese out of the vacuum and store in a cooler,to both air out and breathe (like a fine wine) as well as dry up the natural (and edible crust) which may have become soft under vacuum.  Then leave the cheese at room temperature for a few hours prior to serving - it brings out the best flavours. Cheese can be rewrapped in cheese paper, parchment or even breathable cheese bags (available in our store).

Therefore we have chosen to wrap our cheeses in professional cheese wrap as well as plastic/Krayovac wrapping.  We also use corn based plastic for our tasting sessions.  Our Bagel Chevre is packaged in a container that uses 50% post consumer waste (ie: water bottles).  Our labels are printed with water based inks and use environmentally friendly adhesives. 

We continue to attend conferences to stay informed on new packaging technologies.  We have found that the options out there are too few.  We apologize in advance for using plastic and a vac-packed seal.  It is not good for the cheese—or the environment.  Please help us encourage cheese mongers to use paper based cheese wrap and teach consumers that a little bit of mold can be scraped or brushed off. Its better for the cheese—and the environment.

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