Our Platinum LEED Facility

Fifth Town is also Canada’s only LEED certified dairy. We are also the first Platinum LEED manufacturing facility in Canada across all industries. Our green facility includes:

  • Subterranean cheese aging caves
  • 403 m2 building is a 12-ton water-to-water-to-ground heat pump system
  • 9.4 m2 Solar/photovoltaic panels
  • 30 ft/ 1.8kW wind turbine
  • 3 pond bio-wetland system for treating whey and waste water
  • 10 000L rain cistern for non potable water use
  • Packaging made from recycled plastics or bio plastics where possible
  • (Re) Source Tasting Pavilion designed and constructed from left over dairy construction materials. 

First of all, what is LEED anyway?

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Canada Rating Systems are promoted by the Canada Green Building Council to encourage and facilitate the development of more sustainable buildings. Projects aiming for LEED certification are evaluated agains five environmental categories including: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality. The category of Innovation and Design Process is also included. The environmental categories are subdivided into the established LEED credits, which are based on desired performance goals within each category. An assessment of whether the credit is earned, pending, or rejected is made by a 3rd party.

The level of certification is based on number of points achieved over and above the achievement of basic prerequisites.  Points for the various categories are as follows:

Total Certified 26-32 points Silver 33-38 points Gold 39-51 points Platinum 52+ points

Fifth Town achieved 53 points.

Achievement Levels by Category

Status of Prerequisite Achievement
Achieved SSp1 - Erosion & Sedimentation Control
Achieved EAp1 - Fundamental Commissioning
Achieved EAp2 - Minimum Energy Performance
Achieved EAp3 - CFC Reduction in HVAC&R Equipment
Achieved MRp1 - Storage & Collection of Recyclables
Achieved EQp1 - Minimum IAQ Performance
Achieved EQp2 - Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control

Additional Points Achieved:
8 Sustainable Sites (14)
13 Energy & Atmosphere (17)
5 Water Efficiency (5)
7 Materials & Resources (14)
15 Indoor Environmental Quality (15)
5 Innovation & Design (5)
53 Project Points

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese
Fifth Town Artisan Cheese
Fifth Town Artisan Cheese

LFP Cave Aged Savour Ontario Prince Eduard County Platinum Leed Certified