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November 2009

Prince Charles Meets Bonnie & Floyd

On Friday, November 6th, Prince Charles toured the Brick Works project and also visited the Farmer’s Market!  He stopped to talk to several vendors including Fifth Town.  Dave Smyth, our farmer’s market rep at Evergreen was there to tell the Prince all about Fifth Town. He apparently sampled the cheeses and then asked “how much” for a piece of Bonnie & Floyd. Dave told him $9. Turns out His Majesty likes sheep milk cheese.  The Prince then turned to Minister Jim Flaherty to see if he could spot him a $10 to buy the cheese.  Luckily, he had some “stimulus funds” in his pocket!  Where ever you are now Prince Charles, we hope you enjoyed the cheese!

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese
Fifth Town Artisan Cheese

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