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Globe and Mail’s Sue Riedl digs Cape Vessey

December 2008

Sue Riedl described Fifth Town’s Cape Vessey as “a goat cheese made for naysayers”! The full version of the story is here…

Fifth Town wins another prize for its building - this time it’s concrete!

December 2008

The Daily Commercial News carried a report about Fifth Town which was the winner in the architectural merit category in the 2008 Ontario Concrete Awards.

Artisan Cheese Lover’s Journal Press Release

September 2005

The press release will provide you with additional information regarding the cheese journal. Cover art is also available as a downloadable file.

Fifth Town Building Site

September 2005

Downloadable jpegs of the site where the Fifth Town artisan cheese dairy will be constructed beginning 2006.

County Enjoys Fruits of Rural Renaissance

September 2005

Known as the Garden of Canada in the early 1900s, Prince Edward County once produced 50 per cent of all the tomatoes grown in Canada and was famous for its canning industry, Taylor says.

The county fell into relative obscurity, however, until about 15 years ago when artists and artisans from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal inexplicably began to migrate into the region in ever increasing numbers. Today there are more than 100 artisans in the county.

Fifth Town is mentioned in the article.

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