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June 2011

Cheese and Wine Tastings Return!

Our popular cheese and wine tastings will return on July 2nd and run every Saturday at 1 PM and 3 PM until September 3rd.

June 2011

Lemon Fetish on sale at Sobeys this week!

Lemon Fetish is available at every Sobeys in Ontario for a special price from June 3rd to June 9th.

May 2011

Curd, we’ve got curd!

Fresh goat-milk cheddar curds will be arriving at Fifth Town early every Monday afternoon through the Summer!

May 2011

Paid internships at Fifth Town

Fifth Town has 2 paid-internships available for the month of June.

May 2011

Fifth Town is hiring!

Fifth Town is looking for a full-time employee who will be an Order Desk Representative.

April 2011

Fifth Town on YouTube

Quinte Live visited Fifth Town this month and posted a video to YouTube of us making, washing and talking about cheese.

April 2011

Morning Moon Wins!

Our name the cheese contest closed at end of February and what a close race it turned out to be!  Out of the 5 finalist names, Fifth Wheelsman took off like a rocket at first, but MORNING MOON ended up being the tortoise that surpassed the hare! It won by ONE vote!

March 2011


We have been talking about it and developing it for several months.

January 2011

FT Locavorius Caseophile Ads Earn Recognition!

FT’s Locavorius Caseophile ad campaign was one of three finalists in the “Best Ad or Ad Campaign” category at the Edible Publications Conference and Awards Banquet held in Santa Barbara this week. Gail Gordon Oliver, Publisher noted “It is quite an honour in a field of some sixty Edible publications”. 

January 2011


Still time to register your vote for our new cheese name! 

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