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Nature’s Emporium at Fith Town

Natures Emporium visits Fifth Town and takes a look behind the scenes.

Quinte Live shoots video of FIfth Town

Quinte Live visited Fifth Town during April 2011, and this is what they saw. Includes shots of cheesemaking, the caves and an interview with FT founder Petra Kassun-Mutch.

Real Food with Thermador and Jamie Kennedy

Episode 2. Eating local in the winter can include more than fruits and vegetables - there is a host of other delicious seasonal products just waiting to be discovered. In this vignette series Prince Edward County artisanal food producer, Petra Cooper, and Chef Jamie Kennedy take a tour through Fifth Town Artisan Cheese to show how different seasonal cheeses are made. Petra then joins Chef Jamie Kennedy in the Thermador kitchen to prepare a colourful potato dish that features a special winter cheese.

LFP Cave Aged Savour Ontario Prince Eduard County Platinum Leed Certified