Mission Statement

Fifth Town exists to delight, educate and inform the people who love fine Cheese and who care about authentic, wholesome, sustainable produced foods. Our goal is to successfully demonstrate the possibilities of small scale dairying in Ontario and sustainable enterprise management.

Our Guiding Principles:

  1. Apply the highest standards of excellence to both artisanal cheese making and sustainable enterprise management.
  2. Recognize the cheese enthusiast as king! We aim to make every Fifth Town experience result in a positive and lasting impression.
  3. Work only with farms who are Local Food Plus (LFP) certified which means that they have environmental farm plans in place and manage their herd in accordance with humane animal management practices.
  4. Pay our carefully selected farms fairly and work with them closely to ensure they can produce the most wholesome, cleanest goat and sheep milk in the province-bar none.
  5. Stay on top of health & food safety issues and encourage the use of non-gmo feed via an incentive plan for farms.
  6. Nurture an overall enterprise culture characterized by teamwork, creativity, resilience, strong motivation to succeed, and a commitment to professional and personal development. Reward and recognize exceptional performance.
  7. Demonstrate a strong sense of respect for and accountability to our key stakeholder groups which include our customers, farms, re-sellers, employees, investors, and both local and non-spacial communities with similar interests.
  8. Contribute positively to the quality of life in our local community.
  9. Embrace feedback (both the good and bad), constraints and set backs: They create the environment necessary to foster creativity and overall make us stronger.
  10. Have fun doing what we are doing!

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese
Fifth Town Artisan Cheese

LFP Cave Aged Savour Ontario Prince Eduard County Platinum Leed Certified